Getting to know your market dashboard

Complete walkthrough on how to use the market dashboard to configure your vendor application, create seasons, activate your season, invite vendors, and accept vendors.

Parts in this guide

  1. Configure your vendor application (reading)
  2. Configure your payment methods
  3. Create a layout
  4. Create a season
  5. Activate season and invite vendors
  6. Accept vendors into your market
  7. Accept vendors into your season

Part 1: Configure your vendor application

The application is the vendor’s doorway into your market. You are able to set the terms and conditions, required documents, application/acceptance fees, and any additional arbitrary questions that need to be answered.

Access your application

In your market dashboard, click on the “Vendors” tab in the left navigation panel. This will take you to your vendor listing where it shows the status of a vendors application. To update the application, click on the “Your application” button in the top right.

Configure vendor application screenshot

Configure your application

Once you’ve clicked on the “Your application” button you will be presented with an overview page of the application.

Configure vendor application screenshot

Pressing “Edit application” button will make the application editable and you can proceed to make any necessary changes. In the below example, we’ve removed the question “How many tables do you currently use?” to “Do you need assistance setting up?”.

Configure vendor application screenshot

Another example could be adding an optional document to the “Requested Documents.” In this case, the market now requires a kitchen inspection if applicable, the response is marked "not required" as it may not apply to all vendors.

Configure vendor application screenshot

Pressing the “Save application” button will immediately put all changes into effect, so that any new vendors will see the updated application.

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